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Our primary focus is on treating mild to severe injuries through Painless Interventions that are carried out using the advanced mechanism introduced in Radiology.



Dr. Prableen Kaur is a dedicated anesthesiologist and pain management specialist who is dedicated to providing complete patient care and comfort during medical procedures, including pre and post-operative care and pain management. Specialized knowledge and skills in regional anesthesia (ultrasound-guided nerve blocks), interventional pain treatment techniques, and pain medicine.

Dr Prableen has expertise in Regional anesthesia (blocks/spinal/epidural), supraclavicular/interscalene/axillary block, erector spinae/paravertebral block, Interventional Pain Management (C-Arm/USG guided), General Anaesthesia, Sciatic/Popliteal/Fascia Iliaca Block, USG guided/Blind PICC Lines/Central/Arterial lines, TAP/Rectus Sheath/Quadratus lumborum Block and Fiberoptic Awake Intubation

Our Team
Our Team



Dr. Gaurav Kant Sharma is one of the few specialists in India and the only dedicated Musculoskeletal Interventional & Sports Radiologist in Rajasthan. He has ten years of experience diagnosing and treating joint pain, backaches, and the majority of sports injuries without surgery. As a well-known National and International authority in his area, 

Dr. Gaurav has presented at numerous international conferences and workshops in Belgium, Germany, and other nations. He completed a dual fellowship in sports radiology and musculoskeletal radiology in Belgium, where he also received his formal training in this area. He is one of the top experts in his profession worldwide.