Sports Injury Management

Sports Injury Management

More than 1.9 million people globally visited emergency rooms in 2012 due to sports related injuries, as reported by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) Product Safety Commission. You could narrow down your options by sport from among:

  • There were about 570,000 basketball-related injuries seen by emergency rooms across the country, with over 8,000 requiring hospitalisation. 
  • Men accounted for 93% of those hurt. 
  • Over 42,000 people were hospitalised after receiving treatment for injuries sustained while bicycling. 
  • There were almost 466,000 visits to emergency rooms because of football injuries, and around 10,000 of those patients required overnight stays. 
  • There were approximately 265,000 injuries related to baseball and softball that were handled at emergency rooms around the country, with over 4,500 requiring hospitalisation. 
  • Men accounted for 73% of those hurt. 
  • Emergency rooms around the country treated over 231,000 soccer-related injuries, with over 5,000 requiring in-patient care.

Sports Injury Management

In India, The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that over 2.6 million 0-19-year-old children are treated annually in emergency departments for sports and recreation-related injuries.

Some sports with frequent physical contact are more hazardous than others. Swimming is less likely to result in injuries such as sprains and strains than contact sports like football and basketball.

All sports have the potential to cause injury, either from the impact of a collision with another player or from the overuse or misuse of a body part.

In 2012, among individuals aged 25–40, the most common injuries sustained while playing basketball or soccer were sprains and fractures to the ankles and knees, preceded by injuries to the face and dislocations or breaks to the fingers which requires extensive
sports injury management In India by medical professionals.

Shoulder fractures or dislocations and brain injuries (concussions) were the most common results of bicycle accidents. Common football injuries comprised broken or dislocated fingers, shoulders, or knees, as well as the less frequent but more dangerous head injuries.

Injury to the face was the most common type of injury across baseball and softball, followed by ankle and knee fractures and sprains.

The two most common types of sports injuries are acute and chronic. Acute injuries occur suddenly, such as when a person falls, receives a hit, or twists a joint, whereas chronic injuries develop gradually due to the overuse of a bodily part.

Acute injuries include sprains and dislocations, whereas chronic ailments include shin splints and stress fractures. To recover from sports injuries, we strongly suggest that you get diagnosed and treated by the Best Sports Injury Management Centre, JIPSI, which allows you to consult with India's Top Sports Injuries Doctor and of course with India’s Best Physiotherapist as well.

Most physical injuries sustained by athletes and sportspeople are sports-related. According to statistics, more than ninety percent of athletes have injuries while playing. Healing requires a great deal of time, which can hinder a player's career.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop a rapid remedy and ensure the earliest return to play with the quickest Return to play time (RTP). JIPSI's superior non-surgical treatments have made the treatment of sports-related injuries significantly simpler.

We, at the Jaipur Institute of Pain and Sports Injury Clinic, are solely devoted to the early, accurate diagnosis of sports injuries through the use of ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), as well as the prompt implementation of rest/rehabilitation and/or various regenerative procedures, such as PRP/stem cell injections, at the site of sports injuries using ultrasound-guided injections.

The Jaipur Institute of Pain and Sports Injury Clinic was established in 2021 to offer the most modern, cutting-edge Non-surgical Sports injury treatments in the world to the residents of Jaipur, Rajasthan, and India. JIPSI is a one-of-a-kind facility that treats all pain and sports injury-related issues.

Our team of seasoned, world-class physicians and physiotherapists/Rehabilitation specialists strives to be one of the finest in the world in the non-surgical treatment of sports injuries, and they do so by constantly enhancing their abilities and knowledge.

We provide one of the best Sports Injury treatments in Jaipur and India, and we are the pioneers of non-invasive sports injury and pain treatment techniques throughout the country.

Dr. Gaurav Kant, one of the most renowned Sports Injuries Doctors, founded JIPSI in order to provide non-surgical treatment by establishing the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Interventional Musculoskeletal Radiology Clinic, the Best Sports Injuries Treatment in North India.

He has performed over 3,500 Ultrasound-Guided PRP Injections, the highest amount in the country. He is a national pioneer in the field of Musculoskeletal Interventions. Additionally, he and Dr. Prableen Kaur have treated over 3000 patients in Tennis Elbow Treatment Physiotherapy during the past 1.5 years.

Together, they were also able to begin their academic voyage, beginning the most thorough course on interventions around the knee joint ever conducted globally, which lasted 8 hours and included over 40 participants from India and the rest of the world. This tremendously popular programme featured diverse experts from around the globe. Now, the Comprehensive Clinico-Radiological (CCR) series will be frequently televised.

As they continue to pursue greatness, we recognise that their adventure in exclusive MSK radiology is only beginning. Everyone who enters JIPSI will always receive the greatest care, which is the best Sports Injury Management provided by India's Best Sports Injury Doctor. We are committed to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare and Complex Musculoskeletal Cases, and we will continue to evolve and improve.

Sports Injury Management

Some common examples of sports injuries

There are thousands of sports injuries happening every day, but some are more common than the rest. The most common injuries that are classified as sports injuries are listed below-

  • Ankle sprain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Knee injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • ACL tear
  • Back pain
  • Golfer’s elbow pain
  • Rotator cuff Injuries/Shoulder Injury
  • Hamstring injuries

Sports injuries are often neglected but they shouldn’t be as when they become chronic they are much more difficult to treat. Some of them are acute  and demand immediate diagnosis and  intervention, while others are chronic and develop over the course of years due to overuse of ligaments / tendons or joints. Lack of proper treatment on time may cause prolonged discomfort, prolonged  loss of play time  and can cut short a sporting career.

At Jaipur Institute of Pain and Sports Injury Management Clinic, we are experts in  treatment of all the above diagnoses and many more such field injuries. If you (or someone known to you) are suffering from any kind of sports injury, never hesitate to contact
Sports Injury treatment in Jaipur. We will assist you with exclusive treatment and lead you to a healthier life.

Sports Injury Management

Symptoms of Sports Injury

Examining the site of the injury and observing some basic symptoms is the first step in administering relief. Before proceeding with Sports Injury treatment in Jaipur, you should examine a few symptoms to ensure that the condition is a sports injury and administer prompt first aid.

The most common manifestations of sports injuries are-

  • Pain while sporting activity
  • Inability to perform sporting activity to the optimum level
  • Hemorrhage
  • Swelling or edema
  • Bluish discoloration

You can experience one or multiple symptoms. Give the needed first aid to the pain site and bring the patient for
sports injury management to JIPSI as soon as possible. Any unnecessary delay may cause unfavourable outcomes.

Sports Injury Management

Why do Sports Injuries Occur?

The most common causes of sports injuries are improper training methods, structural abnormalities, muscle, tendon, and ligament weakness, and hazardous exercising environments. Insufficient training is the most frequent cause of injury. For instance, muscles take 48 hours to recover from activity. Spine And Sports Injury Centre can help you to get trearted and to get rid of such problems.

Everyone's bone architecture is unique, and almost everyone has one or two weak spots where the arrangement of bone and muscle makes us vulnerable to injury. The following are common predisposing factors in the ankle, leg, knee, and hip injuries:

  • uneven leg length
  • pronation that is excessive (flat feet)
  • foot cavus (over-high arches)
  • alignment: bow legged or knock-knee
Sports Injury Management

Symptoms of Sports Injury

Among the most frequent signs of a sports-related injury are:-

  • Sudden and/or severe pain
  • Visible joint or bone swelling that is out of place 
  • Inability to bear weight on knee, ankle, foot, or leg Extreme soreness at the site of injury 
  • Unable to move joint normally 
  • Pain while playing A dull, persistent ache, even when at rest

The following are some of the signs and symptoms of an overuse injury:

  • When you play or exercise, you may experience pain.
  • When you rest, you may have swelling and dull discomfort.

Physiotherapy Services at JIPSI

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound: Ultrasound is a painless and safe means of examining various regions of the human anatomy using sound waves. The technique works similarly to how sonar aids submarine navigation and echolocation aids bats in detecting their surroundings even when the moon isn't shining.

Ultrasound can be used to diagnose muscle rips and chronic illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, as well as to assist caregivers with diagnostic and therapy processes. There is no need to inject radiation or a contrast agent. Sports Injury Specialists Near Me may observe a person's muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and joints in great detail with musculoskeletal ultrasonography.

Pain Specialist Doctor Service:
Pain management doctors have advanced training that qualifies them as your best source of care if you're in pain due to sickness or injury. Sports Injury Specialists In Jaipur are specialised in the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of pain.

Nonsurgical, interventional treatments, as well as complementary therapies, are frequently used by pain experts to reduce the quantity of medication you need to take or to prevent surgery.

Massage, acupuncture, exercise, yoga, meditation, physical therapy, dietary modifications, and chiropractic care are all options.

Sports Injury Doctors In Jaipur may also prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), muscle relaxants, or antidepressants as pain relievers.

In any case, your pain management specialist will coordinate therapy with a team of Best Sports Physiotherapists and healthcare workers.

If you have any physical or mental problems, he or she will continue to look after you. Your pain management doctor acts as your champion, working to reduce your symptoms.

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation programs can help you regain, retain, or improve the abilities you need to function in everyday life. It's possible that physical, mental, or cognitive abilities are involved (thinking and learning).

You may have lost them as a result of a sickness or injury, or as a side effect of medical treatment. Rehabilitation may be able to help you live a better life and perform more efficiently. Rehabilitation is for those who have lost the skills they need to function in their daily lives.

Among the most common causes are trauma and injury, stroke, major surgery, and various diseases. The purpose of rehabilitation is to help you regain your abilities and independence. However, each individual has unique objectives.

The source of the problem determines whether the impairments are permanent or temporary, the lost abilities, and the severity of the illness. We are confident that search engines will direct you to this page if you search for "Top Sports Injury Doctor Near Me".

Interventional Pain Management: Pain-blocking methods are used in interventional pain management to make daily activities easier for patients and effectively restore their quality of life.

Surgery, electrostimulation, nerve blocks, and implanted drug delivery systems are all alternatives for tennis Elbow Pain Treatment.

Interventional pain management is used when pain is severe enough to interfere with daily activities and other therapies have failed to ease the discomfort.

It's time to seek out an Interventional Pain Management professional if you're looking for a strategy to relieve chronic or acute pain. The overall motive of this practice is to reduce tennis Elbow Inflammation after consulting the top Sports Injuries Doctor at Jipsi.

Regenerative Injections Therapy (RTI): Regenerative injection therapy, also known as regenerative injection treatment, is used to treat joint and chronic pain, as well as muscular injuries. Treatments entail injecting a natural solution into the affected muscle tissue, which may contain your own plasma.

Injection therapy aids in the rehabilitation of tendons and ligaments by promoting healing and the production of new, healthy tissue. When you harm tissue, your body sends a signal to start the healing process.

During this process, your body destroys old tissue and replaces it with new, healthy tissue, resulting in a painful inflammatory condition.

Anti-inflammatory medications and corticosteroids can alleviate inflammatory pain, but they can also impede recovery. Alternatively, RIT attempts to mimic the body's natural tissue-healing process by injecting a tissue-healing chemical.

JIPSI Offers The Best Treatment For Sports Injury Management

We claim ourselves to be one of  the best non surgical athletic injury management clinics in India.

There are countless factors that place JIPSI ahead of its competitors. Regardless of the severity of your pain, if you are suffering from any type of sports-related injury, we have a dependable remedy.

Our clinic is founded on science and technology, and we constantly strive to improve our treatment methods.

At the Sports Injury treatment clinic in Jaipur, we have with us Dr. Gaurav Kant Sharma.He is one of the best physicians in the field of sports injuries and a pioneer with unmatched expertise in the field.

Having treated over 2,500 patients in India and abroad, he is well-versed in the complexities of sports injuries and their optimal management.

He is the founder of this institute, and under his direction, JIPSI is rapidly expanding in terms of more accurate diagnosis and extraordinary treatment of sports injuries.

Our team monitors the international standards for the treatment of sports injuries and constantly improves. All of our services are contemporary and do not rely on conventional treatment methods.

Our team is composed of researchers who are constantly searching for innovative solutions, making us the first institute in India to follow the international model.

The testimonials of satisfied patients bolster our already positive treatment attitude. JIPSI is the first exclusive pain relief clinic in India, with the goal of alleviating human suffering.

1. Should chronic sports injuries like tennis elbow need emergency attention?

Answer - Yes! Such chronic sports injuries often aggravate to the extent that normal daily activities including gripping of handbag, elbow flexion and wrist extension becomes nearly impossible.

2. What should I do if the patient faints or goes unconscious after any sports injury?

Answer - Check for the patient's level of consciousness. Attempt to determine the severity of the injury based on facial expressions and other variables. Check the patient's Airway, Breathing, and Circulation if they are unconscious. Make basic life support arrangements as soon as possible.

3. For how many days does the patient have to stay off the field to treat any sports injury?

Answer - This response is solely dependent on the severity of the injury. Typically, a month of rest is required following the conclusion of active treatment. Upon completion of active treatment, our physicians will advise you accordingly.

4. What are stem cells, and how is stem cell injection advantageous for sports injury management?

Answer - Stem cells are the pluripotent cells that give rise to new cells in the body. The tissues and organs of our body are composed of cells that undergo somatic division and divide in arithmetic progression. Injecting stem cells is a current treatment modality that addresses the underlying cause. These modified stem cells then divide and contribute to tissue regeneration.

5. What are the differences between acute and chronic sports injuries?

Answer - During physical activity, acute injury occurs abruptly. Among the signs and symptoms are sudden intense pain, swelling, acute tenderness, joint inability to move within its full range of motion, bone dislocation, and others.
Overuse of the hands or overuse of the body can result in chronic injuries. When using the affected limb for tasks, pain and swelling may occur.

6. Who is the most vulnerable to Sports injuries?

Answer - The following are the people who are most likely to sustain a sports injury:

  • Adolescents and children: They are more likely to be hurt since their muscles, tendons, and bones are still growing.
  • Athletes in their forties and fifties: Because they lack agility and endurance.
  • Female athletes in their twenties: Hormone levels fluctuate as a result of osteoporosis, menstruation, and other factors.
  • You can get your Sports Injury Specialist In Jaipur with us, with Jipsi. Find the Best Sports Physiotherapist by visiting the official website of Jipsi.

7. Do sports injuries frequently necessitate surgical intervention?

Answer - When an injury is serious, such as restoring torn tendons or ligaments, or when a joint dislocation causes deformity and incapacity, surgery is required. Most sports injuries to the shoulder, on the other hand, do not necessitate surgery. If you are looking for non-surgical Sports Injuries Treatment, Jipsi must be your first choice. Look for the Top Sports Injury Physio in Jaipur and you will find us on top of the list.

8. Who will take care of sports injuries treatment?

Answer - For minor injuries, a physician and a physical therapist can be of assistance. Shoulder surgeons like Dr. Gaurav Kant Sharma, who specialises in treating bone and joint issues, will be consulted for severe injuries. A physical therapist administers the rehabilitation/exercise programme.

Other Services

Sports Injury Management

Sports Injury Management

Severe injuries like ligament tear or spine injury can be appropriately treated at our clinic. We have highly trained therapists who comprehensively examine the condition and come out with a bespoke treatment.

Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative Therapy

Committed team of Doctors providing professional medical assistance



This is one of the superior diagnostic procedures to assess the causative factor for pain. We perform this in the first visit itself to avoid any wrong diagnosis results. The safety and the right treatment of the patients form the priority at our centre.

Post Operative Rehablitation

Post Operative Rehablitation

Committed team of Doctors providing professional medical assistance

PRP Injections

PRP Injections

Jipsi Offers The Best PRP Treatment In India, Best PRP Injection Treatment In India, if you are searching for the PRP Injection Cost In India, then Jipsi is one of the names that you can contact to get the Best PRP Injection Cost In India

International Expert Opinion

International Expert Opinion

We are the leader in pain management in North India. We assure easy and complete relief from any kind of physical stressors due to actual or potential tissue damage.



Chronic pain management Pain management is a challenge, especially when the cause of pain is diffuse. We identify the cause of the pain from the root before proceeding with the interventional methods.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Commited team of Doctors providing professional medical assistance

Stem Cell Injections

Stem Cell Injections

This is a relatively newer non surgical treatment . Stem cell injections are a remarkable innovation in the history of medical science.

Intervention Radiology

Intervention Radiology

It is believed that radiological interventions can be used as therapeutic procedures for reducing pain. Jaipur Institute of Pain and Sports Injuries uses radiology to give unbelievable results and long-time benefits.

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Sports Injury Management
Sports Injury Management