Causes Of Chronic Pain | Symptoms and Reasons | Learn With Jipsi

Causes Of Chronic Pain | Symptoms and Reasons | Learn With Jipsi

Causes Of Chronic Pain - Chronic pain is a frequent, complicated, and painful issue. It has a significant effect on people and society. It typically manifests as a result of a sickness or injury, but it is not only a symptom that goes along with another condition; rather, it is a distinct disorder in and of itself, with its own medical description and taxonomy. 

Strategies for prevention and management that are focused and suitable must consider the biological, psychological, lifestyle, socio-demographic, and pain results. We provide an account of the current knowledge of these elements.

Understanding the prevalence and contributing factors of chronic pain enables us to effectively address the issue at both the individual and societal levels. 

Possible Causes of Chronic Pain

Although there may be countless reasons why people have chronic pain, the most frequent ones observed at the Chronic Pain Management Clinic in Jaipur India (JIPSI) are given below:

  • Any organ in the body with carcinoma, Oral carcinoma, stomach carcinoma, blood carcinoma, bone carcinoma, lung carcinoma, and breast carcinoma are the types of cancer that are most frequently observed in individuals.
  • Postoperative pain, lasting months after the surgery.
  • Osteoarthritis, primarily in old age patients.
  • Gout in the body's major joints.
  • Long-standing headache.
  • Back pain lasted over 3 months.
  • Neck pain from sleeping in uncomfortable positions and other lifestyle choices.

Pain management is never the emphasis of usual care. The method of pain management treatment is cutting edge. We, at JIPSI, assure you that the discomfort won't interfere with your normal way of living anymore.

By concentrating on the primary source of the discomfort, we may reduce its intensity and severity with our cutting-edge techniques which will surely help you to prevent the Causes Of Chronic Pain Syndrome.

If you are suffering from chronic pain for a long time. Then consulting with the Physiotherapist In India can be an ideal solution for your problem. Because physiotherapists are the only experts who can cure your problem very gently by providing you the right solution at the right time.

Epidemiology's Role In Chronic Pain

Grasping chronic pain requires an understanding of epidemiology, which is the "research of the distribution and determinants of health-related states or occurrences in specific populations and the use of this study to control health problems."

 The International Association for the Study of Pain defines chronic pain as "pain that has persisted beyond normal tissue healing time," which is typically assumed to be 3 months without additional causes.

There are several sociodemographic, psychological, clinical, and biological risk factors for chronic pain. Understanding these risk factors will make it possible to pinpoint particular preventative and management strategies that consider these predisposing elements as well as the effects of pain on individuals who are afflicted.

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Major Factors That Contribute To The Causes of Chronic Pain

Numerous physical, psychological, and social factors contribute to the Causes Of Chronic Pain. Historically, risk factors have been divided into "modifiable" and "non-modifiable" categories. However, this bio-medico-centric approach to epidemiology frequently overlooks the intricate interactions between each risk factor's modifiable and non-modifiable elements.

Did You Know

The 2016 Global Burden of Disease Study confirmed that the primary cause of disability and disease burden worldwide is the high prevalence of pain and pain-related disorders.

The cost of living with chronic pain is rising globally: Recurrent tension-type headaches were shown to be the most prevalent symptomatic chronic disease, affecting 1.9 billion persons worldwide.

In terms of years spent living with a handicap, low back and neck pain routinely ranks first globally, with other chronic pain illnesses making notable appearances in the top 10.


By controlling the consequences and causes of chronic pain, focusing on both individual and population levels, it is necessary to reduce the large global disease burden of chronic pain.

Modifiable risk factors (such as acute pain, lifestyle, and behavior) must be addressed in order to avoid and lessen the effects of chronic pain, with the patient at the center of the care.

For patients suffering from chronic pain and sports injuries, JIPSI India provides a variety of methods available at the clinic. We create novel remedies for chronic pain using current technologies. Science underlies our treatments, and we guarantee the quickest recovery.

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