Advanced Pain Management Center

JIPSI is proud to announce that we are specialized in Regenerative Treatments In Jaipur and offer non-invasive pain management through regenerative medicines. Science has advanced to a level that is beyond human imagination, and it has gifted humans the latent restoration powers using one’s cells. JIPSI has implemented this restoration technology in treating pain, injury, and diseases, and we are successful in offering a quick solution to the patients. So whether it is a sport’s injury or chronic pain, we got you covered.
We believe in the concept of self-healing, and we aggravate that through our stem cell-rich plasma injections and other regenerative methods. Our early diagnosis and non-surgical management of muscle and bone-related diseases and joint problems have made us a popular name in Northern India and parts of the Indian subcontinent.  Our regenerative medicines and imaging-guided injections have helped people live a normal life after being diagnosed with severe health injuries. Since our inception in April 2021, clinical correction after imaging diagnosis has been the only preferred way of sports injury management for us and our patients.
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About Us

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We strive to bring athletes closer to excellence with our compassionate services. For, it’s only unfortunate to have enough technology but restricted resources to provide better treatment opportunities.